spy vs. spy

egretibisLook out behind you!

Actually I caught this shot of a snowy egret and a glossy ibis just after the ibis finished scratching her head. Mid-motion, she looks like she’s about to pounce on the egret, but she did no such thing. Seconds later she was squatting down to fluff the water in between her feathers.

I only happened on this scene by accident—I’d watched the flocks of ibis and egrets flying upstream all morning while I stalked the river banks for songbirds. The big birds disappeared into the phragmites grass when they landed, out of sight I thought. But I followed a deer path instead of the people path as I headed back, and it led me to this small, shallow mudflat, filled with all the birds I’d been chasing. Northern shoveler ducks sleeping with one eye open. Egrets and ibis. An osprey who shouted me out from his perch in a maple tree. I stayed as long as I could, watching from high on the bank behind a tree. I stayed because the birds let me, and then I left them to their peace before I stayed too long.

But now that I know where to find them, I’ll definitely be back…

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  1. As a fan of spy vs. spy in my childhood days, nothings could say it better. Great picture. i am sure this does go on even in the animal kingdom where animals spy on each other, especially when it is meal time.

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