Merry Merry…

2013GiftGuide11. Undergrowth Earrings by N-E-R-V-O-U-S S-Y-S-T-E-M; 2. Jade Crysalis by Jude Rose; 3. Birds and People by Mark Cocker (TFW Review to come!); 4. Be the Bear T-Shirt by eleventyfive; 5. Spirits by Art in the Age (ROOT is my favorite); 6. Vintage Glass Pinecone and Acorn Ornaments from Polka Dot Chex; 7. Caramel-filled Magical Mushrooms from John & Kira’s; 8. Knee-high Hiking Socks from Smartwool; 9. Infrared Trail Camera to snoop on the nightlife of your favorite wild spot; 10. Screenprinted Reproduction Works Progress Administration National Parks Posters from Ranger Doug (Shown: Everglades National Park, Big Bend National Park, Saguaro National Monument); 11. Bino Harness from Bird Watchers Digest; 12. Portable Black Light for midnight mothing (pair with The Peterson Field Guide to Moths of North America by my friend Seabrooke Leckie); 13. Wild Ones: A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking At People Looking At Animals In America by Jon Mooallem (This will be my go-to book recommendation for the next year); 14. Deer & Birds T-Shirt by The Bungaloo; 15. Vanguard Kinray48 Backpack with customizable dividers for camera equipment and birding optics.

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  1. Sweet! I love the posters and those socks.

    Man, I have a stack of books to read. If I ever get through them I still have Rambunctious Garden and now the others you’ve listed to check out.

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