least. most.

For a few weeks at the beginning of summer, we share the beach with nesting birds: oystercatchers, piping plovers, and these least terns, falling out of the air to plop into the sea, pumping back out with silvery fish in their beaks.

fishingLeast terns, tiny little seabirds smaller than robins, nest in colonies of hundreds, even thousands of birds. The flock scares up at the smallest disturbance and wheels out over the waves to distract any threats, while nest-sitting females hunker down on their vulnerable eggs and pretend to be invisible.

I heard this weekend that a colony just east of us failed this year, possibly due to predators. So when I visited the colony that nests on my beach last night, I was looking for good news. And I found it.

least tern pair least tern feeding chick least tern chick

The beach is popping with just-hatched chicks, tiny fluffballs camouflaged to blend in to the gravel. Their parents bring back fish after fish from the teeming waves. They only have a few weeks to grow and fledge.

Hatching is only the first step. These little guys still have to dodge all the predators who populate the island: gulls, black-crowned night herons, racoons and foxes, loose dogs, and clumsy humans. Their parents have to find enough fish to feed them to fledging. Once their feathers grow in, they must learn how to fly and forage in the waves here on Long Island. If all goes well, in no time at all they’ll light out for the open ocean, where they’ll hunt far and wide for another year or two before hopefully returning to this beach to raise their own chicks.least terns in flight

least tern and chicksGood luck, little ones. I think you’ve got this.

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  1. Thanks for these photos. I’m usually on Cape Cod this time of the year, but my vacation is later than usual and so I’ll miss the plover chicks. Great Island on CC Bay in Wellfleet, and north of Marconi beach on the Atlantic is a great place to see (and be bombarded by) nesting least terns.

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