checking in on my patch

mountainlaurelglow caterpillars moth babyazaleasThe mountain laurel is in full bloom, floating between the pitch pines like tethered clouds catching the sunlight. And if the moths that bob up as I pass aren’t enough evidence, these newly hatched caterpillars devouring a greenbriar leaf prove summer’s arrived with her full appetite. The blueberry clusters weigh heavy on the bushes, and they’re starting to blue up in the most tempting way. And best of all, these swamp azalea buds will open in a matter of days, when I’ll return and cram my nose right into their velvety petals.

Oh summer. Mosquitoes and ticks be damned, you have my heart like no other season.

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4 Responses to checking in on my patch

  1. Misti says:

    Summer has been pretty awesome, though I haven’t been able to explore outside my own yard as much as I would have liked.

  2. Katie Jane says:

    I LOVE that second photo, with all the caterpillars!

  3. Miss Alix says:

    These photos are just stunning.

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