beefsteakTwo things today:

1. TFW has a Tumblr now! I’m sharing things like this weird mushroom that looks like a tongue, mini-Op-Eds, and videos, articles, and photos about conservation and natural history. I’m calling it Dispatches from the Familiar Wilderness. I hope you join me for even more adventures over there!

2. I’m even more pleased to announce TFA’s very first destination assignment: From September 19-22, I’ll be blogging live and otherwise from the 2013 Midwest Birding Symposium, sponsored by Bird Watcher’s Digest, in lovely Lakeside, Ohio! At least, I hear it’s lovely. Can’t wait to see for myself! MBS is billed as the World’s Friendliest Birding Event, and as a friendly sort of girl myself, I’m hopeful I’ll fit right in. The program features morning birding expeditions, and workshops led by the some of the birding world’s finest bloggers, writers, and experts. Exactly my cup of tea. As of right now, I have two goals:

  • Make some more awesome naturalist friends.
  • Coax Julie Zickefoose and Sharon Stiteler (a.k.a. Birdchick) to reveal the secret of goatsucker and woodcock spotting. They always come back from these events with a few more under their belts. Wait, what? What are you saying? Ew! Those are birds, I swear! Get your mind out of the gutter!

Will I see you there? I’m a little worried about coming off as a creeper, since I know many of the speakers from their blogs and websites. So tell me, have you ever met someone you admired from afar in real life? How’d it go? Looking forward to seeing you there, and taking the rest of you along for the ride!

golden hour

bearoakbud backlitoakleaves oakblossom1blueberryblossom redrising shadbush2 flowerhead seedpods shadbush1 pitchpinesillouette

First three, scrub oak; blueberry; unknown seedling; shadbush; unknown flower buds; unidentified seedpods from last summer; shadbush again; pitch pines in sillhouette.

stormy sandy

Took this yesterday, before the county closed down all the Long Island beaches. Not sure if it’ll still be there by the time the storm blows itself out. Sounds like the wind and waves are set to scour dunes and knock down trees and blow birds up from the tropics. Elsewhere, maybe worse. We’re snug here, hope you are too. Stay safe, everyone.