a little housekeeping

It’s possibly become apparent to you (though I resisted the realization for a while) that my twice-weekly posting schedule is not quite sustainable, the evidence being my longer-than-expected absence.

I can only blame the weather for so long. Life intervenes, with orphan squirrels that need nightly feedings, and homework to be done, and work that pays the bills… But I’ve missed you, and I’ve missed writing and posting here. So fear not! I’m only reducing my planned posts to once-weekly, with room for more as I can scribble and shoot them. I want to tell you about hearing a whip-poor-will (listen here) in the dark dark woods for the first time, an event that I would check off my life list if I had one. And I want to talk about this and this and dozens of other things that I come across. I want to write about how a hurricane replenishes the beach as she chases its protecting dune across a road, and how the shallower shoreline makes for excellent body-surfing breaks. I plan to explore the fall woods and chase winter migrants, and remember early spring reveries as the oak trees and blueberries flame scarlet in the autumn chill. And I want to talk with you about how all of this, the natural world around us and how it intersects and influences our human-built lives, is meaningful, and priceless, and revealing.

So stick around. The best way to stay in touch is to subscribe to the feed for The Familiar Wilderness, either through your blog reader or your browser (use the handy “Subscribe via RSS” button above right), or follow me on Twitter, where I post announcements whenever I update TFW.

Fortunately, and hopefully, there is world enough, and time to explore it all. And to write about it.

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  1. girl – isaiah and i have this rule about the blog that is the only reason why we do it – the SECOND it becomes a nag or a source of guilt for us – we’re done. the second we feel like we have to sacrifice living for the blog – we’re done.

    i’m with you – subscribed, ready to follow along when you decide you have something to share. no worries though.

    1. Aww, thanks! There’s definitely been a bit of a block lately, but I love it here too much to let it die. More posts coming soon… I hope 🙂

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